Welcome Dairy, LLC is a Pasteurized  Process Cheese and Shelf-Stable Cheese Sauce Manufacturer located in Colby, Wisconsin ~ where

​​Pasteurized Processed Cheese Manufacturer Shelf Stable Cheese Sauce Manufacturer

Welcome Dairy, LLC is located in the heart of Wisconsin.  We are a leader in the manufacture of pasteurized process cheeses and sauces.  The manufacturing of process cheese is a traditional craft. It has traveled the years and made its way to the people of Welcome Dairy. It's an art that still evolves and develops as each generation adds its own fresh ideas and individual innovations.

​Technology also imparts this art. Welcome Dairy products come from a blending of over 100 years of our country art and the latest technologies. This means that no dairy provides a higher-quality, more versatile selection of cheeses. It also means that innovation and excellence permeate every part of our business.

Our customers have come to depend on the quality of our products and our service. Our competitors have recognized this quality, too. When the market is hungry for new products, applications or services, it is often Welcome Dairy that lights the way through rigorous research and development. Test tubes, computers, and stainless steel are now a part of the business of process cheese, but quality still comes from the heart and the hands of the people who are Welcome Dairy.

Quality Comes From ​The Heart

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