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Food Manufacturers

Working With Welcome

As a trusted partner for over 120-years, Welcome works with food manufacturers of all sizes to supply dairy and non-dairy components used in mac n' cheese, sausages or hotdogs, fried appetizers, pizza toppings, and as sandwich ingredients to name a few.

With strict adherence to targeted specifications, industry leading certifications, and deep expertise, Welcome is your trusted partner for any project.

Standard of Identity (SOI) Options and Comparisons

Pasteurized process cheese is a blend of natural cheeses, real dairy ingredients, and emulsifying salts. These ingredients are combined during the cooking process resulting in a finished product with extended shelf life, enhanced safety, and many functional characteristics. There are several types of process cheese based on standards that are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Classification is based on moisture, fat, pH, cheese and other ingredients in the final product as seen in the chart below.

Types Moisture Fat pH %Cheese Ingredients Allowed
American and Most Process Cheeses
≤ 40%
≥ 50% FDM
≥ 5.3
Not Defined, But High
Cheese, Water, Cream, Emulsifiers, Acid, Salts, EMC
Cheese Food
≤ 44%
≥ 23%
≥ 5.0
≥ 51%
As above, plus milk, whey, and skim cheese
Cheese Spread
≥ 20%
≥ 4.0
≥ 51%
As above, plus gums, stabilizers, nisin
Cheese Sauce, Product, or Style
No Standards
No Standards
No Standards
No Standards
No Standards


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