It's In Our DNA

Welcome Research & Development

"If you can dream it. We can make it. Whether that's less expensive, better flavor, better performance, more consistent, or bigger variety"

- Ned Schumacher, VP of R&D

A Rich History Built on R&D

From the very beginning, we've invested in building a team of the foremost experts in the industry. Winning numerous awards for excellence, our in-house research and development capabilities rival few in the industry. We pride ourselves on being solution oriented and assisting our customers in developing the perfect solution to their ever growing needs. Over the years, we've turned away very few projects instead opting to figure out solutions that our competitors may have spent years trying to develop without success.

If you have an existing product that isn't meeting your exact desired specifications or a new product in mind that you aren't sure where to start, contact us for a visit with our R&D team. With 120+ years of experience, choose Welcome as your preferred vendor and rest easy knowing our team has your back.

Experience Innovation

Expanding Our Innovation Expertise

Through Welcome's strategic partnership with Gamay Food Ingredients, our team of world class scientists and industry veterans have innovation at their finger tips like never before. From custom formulations to cutting edge industry trends, The Gamay Innovation Center is an industry leader.