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Our Pasteurized process cheese products are limited only by the imagination of our customers.  A commitment to research and development allows us to make those ideas reality.  Rapid Sample turnaround and accurate, consistent product scale-up make us the industry leader in making projects happen.

We offer our process cheese in pack sizes ranging from five pound loaves to 132-pound blocks.  Custom formulations offer a variety of melts, from restricted melt to easy melt in flavors and a color to match your specifications.

Cheese Sauce is offered in portion controlled pouch sizes ranging from 1-ounce to 8-ounce packages.  Hot fill, shelf stable sauce is offered in flavors that include Cheddar, Parmesan-Alfredo, Nacho, 4-Cheese, Sharp Cheddar and Queso, to name a few.  Package choices include foil, metallized, or clear/opaque polyfilm structures.

Whether it's for one of our many in-house formulas or one we especially design for you with your private label, each product has that Welcome Dairy quality.

What is Process Cheese?

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