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Welcome Dairy Cold Storage 

321 S. Washington St.

Unity, Wisconsin  54488

WCS Specializes in the storage of cheese.  The cheese is stored at a temperature of 35 degrees to preserve the original quality and it's unique characteristics.  The facility opened in 1995, and was expanded in 2004 to accommodate a steadily increasing business.

​Storage is offered by the pallet or by full loads.  Upon receipt at the dock, each pallet is assigned a unique identifier that enables warehouse personnel to track the location of the product.  Your identifier can be labeled with the barcode of your choice.  The identifier, the weight, make date, and location in the warehouse is available to the customer at any time.  A complete list of inventory stored at the warehouse can also be provided on a regular schedule.

Welcome Cold Storage is located in the Village of Unity, Wisconsin.  It is just six miles from Welcome Dairy's manufacturing plant.  Our staff is equipped to handle all of you cold storage needs.  Contact us for detailed information about the facility.